Dall Sheep, Moose, and Grizzly Hunts

These horseback hunts take place north of the Arctic circle on the south side of the Brooks Range. Hunting with horses allows us to pack plenty of good food, have a comfortable camp, and cover a vast area that would otherwise be difficult to hunt.

You will fly into our remote gravel airstrip where we will meet you with a string of pack horses, load up your gear, and lead you to our rustic yet comfortable base camp. From basecamp, we will take the horses further into the mountains and set up a  spike camp consisting of two tents, a small kitchen, plenty of good food, and an astonishing view of the landscape. Generally, we will hunt on foot from there, occasionally taking saddle horses on day trips to cover more ground.

10-Day Dall Sheep hunts(includes wolf)———————————— Aug 09 – Aug 29

12-Day Moose/Grizzly combo hunts(includes wolf and wolverine) ——————Aug 31- Sept 24

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